Innovative solutions to meet a broad range of client and asset types, for retail and institutional markets.

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For market operators looking to innovate, branch into new asset classes such as digital assets or offer new trading models, Yaala Labs offers compliant, streamlined solutions, delivered to suit your timescales and budget.

  • Supports a broad range of traditional and digital asset types
  • Designed to support innovative new market models
  • Scalable, cost-efficient institutional-grade technology
  • Full suite of APIs and data feeds
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OTC and negotiated trade platforms built for innovation and fast time to market.

For alternative market operators expanding into digital asset markets, building new access to liquidity and trade negotiation, Yaala Labs offers re-platforming options, designed to create nimble, innovative and cost-efficient services.

  • Bi-lateral and multilateral solutions for negotiated markets
  • Designed to leverage cloud capabilities
  • Flexible to business models and rapid change
  • Built to deliver regulated markets
  • Full suite of APIs and data feeds
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Solutions for market operators helping governments and organisations achieve and finance their climate impact ambitions

  • Compliance and voluntary carbon markets
  • Emission allowances and carbon offsets
  • Auctions and project marketplaces
  • Secondary trading
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Crypto market solutions, delivering performant, regulatory-grade exchange systems.

For cryptocurrency exchanges re-platforming to meet increasingly rigid regulatory standards, Yaala Labs offers high performance institutional-grade systems, built to power the next generation of digital markets.

  • Cloud-native exchange solutions
  • Proven crypto experience.
  • Designed to be quickly deployed and simply managed.
  • Full suite of APIs and data feeds
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Platforms for both open and curated platforms supporting the new non-fungible token and Web3 economy.

  • Smart contract creation and deployment
  • Self-custodial wallets
  • Fixed price sales, auctions, lotteries and airdrops
  • Secondary sales and royalties
  • Multichain integration
  • Fiat payment integration